Morning XABEAT Dance- Fitness  Making Fitness FUN     


Morning XABEAT Dance- Fitness            Making fitness FUN     

What is XABeat?                                       

XABeat is a dance-fitness program that provides high intensity cardio and toning in a party-like atmosphere. The routines are simple and easy to follow so participants can concentrate on getting a great workout to upbeat American music. This class delivers inspiration  to all to find a healthier and passionate life.  XABEAT is a very fun, active and motivating class.

In this class you will learn how to sculpt your body and burn calories without even realizing you are working out. XABeat has become a healthier lifestyle for many people. Making fitness FUN has allowed many participants to completely reshape their bodies, achieve a fitness high, dance calories away and increase their self-confidence. Join our experienced instructor in unlocking a new a fun way to work out!

XABeat has a culture of empowerment. All easy-to-follow routines are designed to provide every participant with an intense workout and a sense of accomplishment. XABeat programs do not require a dance background, therefore anybody can successfully do it and follow without frustration.

Join in the FUN!

WHEN:  Monday Mornings

Starts October 16th 

TIME: 7:15AM 

WHERE: First Presbyterian Church,  226 E Harvey St, Ely, MN 55731 Use Backdoor entrance. 

FEE: $8 a session

 Janine Selbitschka is a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and dance instructor with 15 plus years of experience.  I’ve worked with young adults to seniors in my profession.


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