Meditation: A 6 week Journey


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You will learn what Mediation is, how it will benefit you and how to do it.

Meditation is a daily practice of sitting in silence that takes you to an awareness that is not thought. This is a consciousness or awareness separate or different from thought. Most people don’t even know this reality exists.

Don’t worry!  You won’t stop thinking completely. But your thoughts won’t be in control anymore. Instead of the tyranny of thoughts, a deeper, more peaceful reality will start to grow inside you.

 What you experience as real:  We discover that real does not mean the thoughts that dance through our heads. We discover a reality that is loving, intuitive and peaceful. As we keep practicing, we begin to see both ways—the same old thoughts and also a new, tender, powerful reality.

A 6 week Journey 

Lesson 1. What is meditation anyway?

Lesson 2. Thought and Non-Thought: “Reality is more than just thoughts. I can release any thought.”

Lesson 3. Meditations with Goals: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Lesson 4. Surrender Meditations: “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”

Lesson 5. Meditation and Oneness: “We are One.”

Lesson 6. Trusting the Practice: Stress, Illness and Death

Tuesdays Starting January 2, 2018


First Presbyterian Church, 226 E Harvey St, Ely MN 

FEE: No Charge

Jean Gendreau has wandered for about 70 years. She writes about spirit, travel and personal growth and has published essays and children’s stories. (Her personal essays are at She’s lived in India and traveled in Wales, Greenland, Bhutan, Brazil, Scotland, Mongolia, Italy and Ireland. Today she lives in the woods of northern Minnesota, plays fiddle, sings in the choir, bakes biscuits and adores her grandson.


Jean Gendreau

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